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Teeth problems

Dental disease

Dental disease.

Dental problems are a very common cause of mouth pain. Tooth root abscesses occur between the tooth and the surrounding bone. Pus is often formed and may burst out of a tract into the mouth, or externally from the face. This is usually represented by a swelling on the lower mandible in the case of mandibular teeth, or via the sinus into the nasal cavity, in the case of maxillary teeth. Such a discharge is usually very foul smelling.

In such cases, the horse will have often been in pain for a long period of time and will be reluctant to eat or work properly with a bit. Treatment is either provided through a lengthy course of antibiotics or, in the more severe cases, removal of the affected tooth.

Abnormal eruption of teeth or the growth of additional teeth are causes of overcrowding. This is usually painful as teeth cannot erupt into their natural space.